Planting Beans

This week the children in Nursery have been planting some beans and talking about what they need in order to grow. We even made some of our own plant pots using newspaper to try cut down on our use of plastic. The children are helping to water the beans and can’t wait for them to start growing.

Baby Clinic

As part of their growing topic the children in Nursery have enjoyed playing in our new role play baby clinic. They have been bathing the babies and getting them dressed and talking about how we look after babies. The children have also brought photos of themselves when they were babies into Nursery to look at.

Happy Easter!

As well as going on the bus this week the Nursery children have been enjoying lots of Easter activities. They have made some chocolate crispy nests using melted chocolate and cornflakes. The children have also coloured and cut out Easter eggs and played with our sensory tray of rice with eggs and chicks.

We hope that you all have a lovely Easter holiday!

Our Bus Journey

This week all the Nursery children went for a ride on a bus. We walked to the bus stop at the park and ride then waited for a number 7 bus. The children then rode on the bus to Primley Park and back again. It was a lot of fun!

World Book Day

Nursery really enjoyed World Book Day and lots of children dressed up as Where’s Wally or Where’s Wanda. We looked at the Where’s Wally books and coloured pictures of Wally. The children also searched for lots of Wally’s that had been hidden all around Nursery.