Making Christmas Cakes

Today we decorated the Christmas cakes that we have made.  First we brushed the top of the cake with apricot jam then we used a circle cutter to cut out some icing. Finally we stuck the circle of icing onto the top of the cake. We cannot wait to bring our cakes home and eat them!

Snowman Dancing

Today we went to the school hall and worked with a dance teacher, putting some movements to a piece of music from “The Snowman.’ Everyone skipped into the middle and made a circle then moved into the middle and back out again. Next we all had to lie on the floor and make snow angles then we got back up and did some star jumps. Finally we moved around the hall pretending to be snowflakes then found a partner and twirled each other around. 

Paper Dolls

Today we invited Pavla to our Nursery to lead a drama session with our Nursery children. Pavla retold the story ‘Paper dolls’ by Julia Donaldson with the children and used scrap material to act out the story. She used a piece of material to make a butterfly and  orange tissue paper to make a fish. The children were encouraged to have guess at the animal and they took turns to move them around the circle.