This week we have been playing in our new role play Garden Centre. The children have enjoyed digging in the soil, filling pots and pretending to plant seeds. They have also planted some sunflower seeds in pots, making sure they watered it to help it grow.

Bathing Baby Bilal

On Thursday, Kareem’s baby brother came to nursery for a bath! He was so good, and seemed to enjoy the attention during bath time. We watched how his mother got him ready for the bath, and checked the temperature of the water. We had a turn to come and wash him, and dry him too. We also enjoyed sharing a story with him during and after the bath! Can you believe he did not cry at all? 

Planting Beans

This week the children in Nursery have been planting some beans and talking about what they need in order to grow. We even made some of our own plant pots using newspaper to try cut down on our use of plastic. The children are helping to water the beans and can’t wait for them to start growing.

Baby Clinic

As part of their growing topic the children in Nursery have enjoyed playing in our new role play baby clinic. They have been bathing the babies and getting them dressed and talking about how we look after babies. The children have also brought photos of themselves when they were babies into Nursery to look at.

Happy Easter!

As well as going on the bus this week the Nursery children have been enjoying lots of Easter activities. They have made some chocolate crispy nests using melted chocolate and cornflakes. The children have also coloured and cut out Easter eggs and played with our sensory tray of rice with eggs and chicks.

We hope that you all have a lovely Easter holiday!